Pablo Picasso has rightly said "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." So don't get afraid if you are not a child, just nurture yourself to natural imagination of fine arts. We are here to help student of any age to just pick up brush and colors to paint their imaginations out of the box.


Our drawing classes is designed to recognise and build this inherent imaginativeness and help the students express their thoughts and ideas in a visual way. The class is conducted with an individualistic approach, where each student is encouraged to explore their own style through a variety of two and three dimensional media.

  • Development of drawing skills
  • Understanding of composition
  • Application of colour
  • Understanding of proportion
  • Understanding of perspective

Our painting classes are designed to give expression to one's visual thoughts on a canvas. To develop one's painting skills, one will go through various exercises aimed at improving their skills to represent their imaginations on paper. We will teach you What, when & how to use textures and colours to the practice so that you can develop your hobby or turn this into a full fledged career as an artist.

  • Paint abstract forms
  • Express emotions with a brush
  • Represent nature on canvas
  • Front-End Development

Sketching is a free hand style of drawing. Sketching has always been the desire of a budding artist to learn and have complete mastery on it. We will teach you all the necessary skills and build your basics to take this to the next level. Here are some of the skills we will teach you:

  • Draw shapes
  • Draw simple designs
  • Practice shading

After learning these basic skills we will be moving forward and Advancing your sketching skills. Then we will work on following skills:

  • Sketching lifelike designs
  • Adding details with precision
  • Practice drawing animals or people in motion
  • Draw larger scenes

After learning these skills you can keep practicing and enjoy sketching as a lifelong passion & turn it into a career to.


We will teach you how to make your sketches, doodles, and drawings more realistic by learning how to add shade. Shading adds depth, contrast, character, and even movement to your drawings by capturing the shadows and highlights of your object.

We will develop your following skills:

  • Choosing the right supplies
  • Making value scale
  • Locating light source
  • Choosing a shading method
  • Creating a preliminary shading of drawing
  • How to add more layers of shading
  • Blending of shaded areas

Coloring is a fun all together for all ages. These are the beginnings steps to becoming an artist, and it is fun recreation. However, if you want to learn to coloring we will build your following skills to make the best of your arty needs.

  • Selecting the coloring utensils.
  • Choosing right colors & color methods.
  • Initial part of an object to start coloring.
Art & Craft

Looking for an art activity to do with your kids? You've come to the right place! You can find numerous kids arts and crafts activities.

Painting Activities
  • Spin Painting
  • Q-Tip Pointillism for Kids
  • Body Tracing and Painting
Creative Drawing
  • DIY Frame Wallpaper for Childrens
  • Leaf Drawing and Doodling
Collage Art
  • DIY Contact Paper Stickers
  • Washi Tape Art
  • Collage Cardboard Dollhouse
  • Styrofoam Printing
  • Muffin Tin Printing
  • String Printing
Stained Glass and Suncatcher
  • Melted Bead Suncatchers
  • Nature Suncatchers
  • Stained Glass Bunting
3D Art and Sculpture
  • Grape + Toothpick Sculptures
  • Cardboard Castle
  • Wire Sculptures
Watercolor Techniques
  • Flower Printing
  • Rubber Cement Resist & Salt
  • Coffee Filter Snowflakes
Playdough Techniques
  • Candy Cane Playdough
  • 39 Playdough Ideas
  • Salt Dough Ornaments
Nature Art Crafts and Play
  • Flower Petal Art Box
  • Painted Rocks
  • Leaf Printing on Fabric
Cooking with Kids
  • Fruit Necklace
  • Monster Bread
  • Candy Cane Lollipops

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