Education & Career

Our specially designed Education & Career courses are suitable for all age groups. We aim to create an environment that is fun and interactive, because we believe that if learners enjoy their classes, they are more motivated to progress in their studies.

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We have introduced Abacus for children who are in the age of 5 to 11 years. Abacus helps in the overall development of a child's brain.

Vedic Maths

We have also introduced Vedic Mathematics which is an ancient tool providing shortcuts to solve difficult mathematical questions. In today's competitive environment we get very less time in solving big mathematical questions for e.g., if we are studying in higher class or are preparing for competitive exams we only get few seconds to solve a question. In such a scenario Vedic Mathematics works as a remedy to cure time constraint. Students above 12 years of age are eligible for Vedic Mathematics.

Handwriting Improvement

Handwriting is an another subject which we have started to bring confidence to child while writing or expressing thoughts.

Our step by step lessons will improve your handwriting. Our handwriting improvement worksheets help u practice and improve your handwriting at each step.

French Classes

Learn French at 4G Global. Our curriculum focuses on all four language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Build your vocabulary, fluency and confidence as you participate in dynamic group activities and lively classroom discussions on a diverse range of topics. This course is open to students who wants to learn french language.

Spoken English with Grammer

The Spoken English with Grammer course focuses on the core languages skills you need to build a solid English foundation. These levels focus on developing communicative ability in English, including core listening, speaking, reading and writing with integrated grammar and vocabulary. You will improve your:

  • Confidence communicating in English in a variety of everyday situations in small group activities and lively classroom discussions
  • Speaking fluency and accuracy
  • Listening, reading and speaking for daily communication, discussions and presentations
  • Writing skills for well-structured sentences
  • Grammar and vocabulary in context
  • Productive grammar and functions in daily use
  • Active vocabulary for a wide variety of themes

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